Monday, 11 October 2010

Wall Hanging, by Judy Bool

My personal challenge for 2010 was to weave a wall hanging. An article by Betty Booth in Issue 21 of The Wheel magazine was just what I needed.

The warp was 22/2 black Cottolin and 16/2 black linen, wound together.
The pattern weft was the cottolin and linen wound together with an unspun woolen variegated yarn, used double, for the pattern rows. I also used a metallic yarn in this pattern row.

Finished size is 60 inches by 30 inches.

I am pleased with the final result - but would I weave another? Maybe. It was enjoyable laying in the fancy yarns but nobody told me that linen has a mind of it's own!

by Judy Bool


Meg in Nelson said...

That is one fantastic piece, Judy. Congratulations. What's the challenge for 2011??

Rose said...

Well done Judy! And very colourful.

Judy said...

Thanks Meg and Rose. I'm thinking that my personal challenge for next year will be something in Damask, on my ordinary loom, using a weaving sword. I've been reading and collecting lots of info on this and it's going to be very interesting. !!!