Tuesday, 3 May 2011

April Block Weave Workshop, Part 1

On 14 & 15 April, we welcomed Maryann Stamford from Queensland, Australia, to teach us about weaving in blocks. At times some of us felt our brains were scrambled, but the many woven samples Maryann showed us helped, and in the end we came out excited about new possibilities.

 Let's see how how we can weave the word "GUEST" on a guest towel.
 Anne, Betsy and Judy filling in squares...
 Barbara and Joan creating separate blocks...
 Chris and Marjike figuring out the lifting order; do we see a smile on Chris?
 Chris gets her profile draft converted into a weaving draft by Maryanne.
"Oh, and we know how to weave this now!"

by Rose Pelvin & Meg Nakagawa

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