Tuesday, 3 May 2011

April Block Weave Workshop, Part 2

Some of us were greatly helped by looking at her woven samples to understand the theory; all of us were in awe of her samples, each of us having different favorites.
 Joan could not believe she put on a brown warp for a sampler, but she did get lovely results.
 Chris's consultation with Maryann paid off; she got nice bright samples.
Judy was hard at work.
 Marjike experimented with polychrome Summer & Winter.
 Maryann demonstrated pick up.
Win was tentative at first, but became very brave.
Win's sample: reversed 3-end twill in the background.
This was woven with a textured weft yarn. Says Win, "It should be woven with the pattern on the reverse side to minimise lifting of sheds."
"In the pale weft section the part between the 2 motifs is done by 'pick up ' method," by Win, who previous thought "pick-up" was a dirty word! 
Joan, you're not still talking about the brown warp, are you??

by Rose Pelvin, Win Currie & Meg Nakagawa

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