Monday, 29 August 2011

August Meeting - Part 1

The August meeting was a daytime one, held on Sunday afternoon 21st. It was fine enough to sit outside Bobbin Cottage and enjoy the sun. The meeting was led by Tricia and Sue on the theme of 'embellishments' and they had provided embellished garments as examples and lots of books and magazines for inspiration.

Tricia got brave and cut the piece of fabric she brought when she first came to the group. Here is a vest made from part of it - an embellishment in progress.
This hat was also made by Tricia. Diagonal weaving at the Rotoiti retreat was new to some people and several people were enthusiastic about it. The hat is made from two diagonally woven squares.
. . . like this.
Simple crochet, but so effective on Win's beautiful alpaca scarf with huck lace motifs.

by Rose Pelvin

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