Thursday, 25 August 2011

Rotoiti Retreat - Part 6

Knitting and Knitters at the Retreat.  

Knitting seemed to be the activity of choice. Socks were popular, especially with self-patterning yarn, some hand dyed. One person knits two socks at the same time. Thought there were knitting needles everywhere, in every size and configuration, there was no click-clacking to be heard. Perhaps because they are made in different materials these days, or it may just be that the chatting drowned out the clicking. There was plenty of that as well.
 This beautiful knitted scarf was raffled
Circular needle, two colours
Josie knitting a sock on 4 needles
BIG needles
Two needles. This person uses the underarm technique
Yvonne's scarf has grown a lot during the day
Mary Hall shows a very large, very lacy knitted... thing(?) with sleeves
Which turns out to be an elegant coat to wear to a wedding

by Rose Pelvin

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stronsay said...

Thanks Rose for posting these pic.s of Retreat. Those of us who couldn't go this year appreciate seeing the buzz.