Sunday, 29 April 2012


 Important people wore fascinators. Joan and Chris had an important conversation.
 Chris gave us an important wave!
People, bags and fibre/textile work everywhere. At the far end of the foyer works made by our presenters. To the right of the cluster of people was one of our presenters, Kim, talking about her work and products.

As I said, everywhere!
The corridor to Trades Hall.
Vendors made bag ladies of us all. Isn't that right, Peg??
Donated (to the Cancer Society) hats.
And more people at our exhibitions.

There is more on the Festival Blog.

This post concludes my tenure as Blog Mum, as Marlborough Weavers blog will be handed over to Rose Pelvin. Thank you for visiting us in the first three years and a bit, and please continue to drop by and say hello.


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