Friday, 4 May 2012

Remember this?

Thanks to Chris we had some extra treats at Festival in the displays she arranged around the walls of the Convention Centre . . . big walls! . . . big job!  Well done Chris; some very pleasant memories of shared projects were stirred up.
Remember the making of the Friendship Quilt?  Some of the participants in this project are still current members. Others have moved on but are not forgotten.  There were many conversations around this piece at Festival, trying to work out whose square was whose.  This finished article is Win's.

And a few years later there was an exchange project with table mats. This time there were two groups of six making mats with a cottolin warp and linen weft with a lace weave of choice as a pattern.  This set was made into a tablecloth with crochet inserts and border, and the names of the participants are included in the borders.

And here is a reminder of our more recent teatowel exchange. These are not the exact towels we exchanged; hopefully they are being well and truly used in all our kitchens.  What will we do next I wonder?

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