Monday, 13 May 2013

More from Festival

There were busy bodies everywhere. This was a 'hands-on' station where people could thread a necklace.  Someone must have been hoarding beads for years!  It was so popular it was hard to get in for a photo.

Festival is a great place to meet friends - of the colourful sort!
And 'Holy Moly' . . . the decorations were colourful too.  They were everywhere . . . strips of felt with perfect holes punched in them, dyed every colour of the spectrum.  Who would know they were industrial waste; a by-product of the manufacture of washers!  The pile of golden 'coins' in the photo below are perfect felt circles. Now what could they be used for ? There was a free-for-all rush to souvenir the decorations at closing time. Yes, I'm sure some came to Marlborough so watch this space.

And of course there was the Trade Hall. . . Oh so tempting. 
 That's Agnes in red in the centre foreground.

There are loads more pics to show, so call again soon.

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