Wednesday, 25 June 2014

June Meeting

There's nothing to show from the June meeting as the camera didn't even come out. However, that doesn't mean there was nothing happening. As winter has started we met in the daytime and it was good to have a good number present even though several members are away travelling. They will have some catching up to do when they return. We started on the collapse weave workshop which had been prepared by Anne Field.  Fine threads and even finer threads were already made into warps and all we had to do was beam them on to the looms. Sounds easy. It wasn't! It took a lot of care and a lot longer than we expected. At the end of the day five looms were taken home in various states of threading and the notes distributed for perusal before the next stage. Happy studying everyone.

One person has produced something to show recently. Peg has made a hanging to present to her old school, Rangi Ruru, on the occasion of its 125th anniversary. The presentation coincided with the opening of a new building, Mana Wahine, (strong women) and here is a photo of Peg with the School Principal, Julie Moor beside the hanging. Thanks to Neil Macbeth for the photo.
The heading is woven on the loom with merino wool and the strands are of silk sliver, bound with fine ribbon. Peg says the many strands represent the many opportunities open for the Rangi girls to explore in their future lives.  Peg will celebrate her 97th birthday on 9 July.

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