Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Squid attack!

OK, this is not Marlborough and it's not weaving, but I have to share this - just for fun! The blogs referred to below explain it all in great detail.
A Yarn Bombed Tree Squid yarn bombing trees textiles
It seems like nothing is safe from yarn bombing these days from airplanes to bridges to trains. Not to be outdone, Jill Watt and her sister Lorna Watt recently wrapped this magnolia tree in downtown San Mateo with more than four miles of yarn to create this awesome squid. It’s one thing to completely cover an object in textiles, but to transform a tree into an organism like this seems that much more special. Read more about how they did it on their respective blogs Knits for Life and Dapper Toad. (via Neatorama, Laughing Squid)

Have a laugh - but keep weaving.

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Judy said...

Great! Thank you Rose.