Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A visit to an 'outlying' member

at age 97 Peg is no longer able to get to our meetings but here are a few photos taken on a visit to her today. As you can see she is still active, even if a bit slower, and still producing her linen-based wall hangings that are usually bursting with colour.

A few running repairs were required. It's as well Peg knows how this loom works because I'm sure mo one else does!
 On Peg's table she had some of her treasured possessions. There are three handwoven items in this photo: a damask linen runner she wove herself, a handwoven handkerchief and a beautifully made card  depicting a rooster (Peg's mascot) with a woven insert to look like feathers. It is now framed and in pride of place.
(Well done Chris)

No photos of the bellbirds that entertain on one side of the house but here are a couple of black dots that are actually tuis on the other side.  With the birds and the stretch of Marlborough Sounds and the hills beyond Peg certainly has an inspirational place to live and work.

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