Monday, 15 September 2014

September 2014 Meeting

It was great to see everyone again after what seems like a long time. Many of our members have been away recently and it was good to see most of them safely back home and ready to weave again. Barbara is the only one still to return. We did miss June and sadly that is permanent.

We had two guests from 'over the hill' ad it was great to see them both. Sue Broad talked to us about the work she has been doing with Deflected Double Weave and there was quite a buzz around the table when the samples and drafts and magazine articles began circulating. Let's hope we see some people taking up the challenge.  And Jane Clark came with Sue. It was good to see her as well and the collapse weave practitioners were able to show Jane their samples. It was Jane's generosity that provided us with the warps and drafts for the collapse weaving course from Anne Field. There are still some warps on hand for those who haven't yet had a crack at this challenge.

Not a guest but a returning member, we had Alison with us and it is so good to know she has re-assembled her loom. At present it is slightly too warped to weave but she will get that sorted and soon have her 16 shafts in order. 

Here are the first pics (more to come) and you will see that everyone is really paying attention. Thank You Sue.

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