Monday, 2 February 2015

Happy New Year 2015

After a long summer break the weavers met for the first time on Sunday 1 February for an informal lunch and planning meeting at Tricia's. After what seemed like weeks of searing temperatures it was a little cooler and even a little drizzly which curtailed our use of Tricia's new deck which is part of her ongoing renovation plan. Thanks for inviting us Tricia and congratulations on the make-over of your home. Seven people attended. Several of our mobile members were out of town and sent apologies and suggestions for our upcoming year. There was a refreshing enthusiasm for a team effort to encourage new members by offering to teach people to weave and there is a move afoot to publicise this and try to gain expressions of interest from members of the public.

Show and Tell included Jen's venture into weaving with cotton which had involved interpreting a more complex pattern threading than she has used before. Well done Jen. Her colours were great to brighten up a dull day.

Judy had repeated one of her very successful projects -- a double weave wrap in black and red silk. It has two panels slightly offset and stitched together in places by double square motifs.  The camera had real trouble picking up the vivid red colour so the photo doesn't do Judy's work justice but you can see the clever construction.

Again, the colour is probably not quite true but below is a wrap in alpaca/silk woven in an 8 shaft huck lace by Rose.

Another item by Rose is this Really Thick Warm Woolly Throw. Why she chose to work with these yarns in 30 degree temperatures is a question she is still asking herself. However, it was a stash-buster and needed doing.
Win is leaning towards felting rather than weaving and gets light-heartedly ribbed about "going over the dark side" but in fact we do admire the work she is producing. Here is an extremely light nuno felted scarf incorporating dyed "silk hankies".

This bright and cheerful runner incorporates recycling of recycling!  A commercial rag mat was deconstructed, the fabrics sorted and pressed then laid out with black and red felting fibres and given another life. 

Perhaps in years to come this will be recycled again into a cushion or a bag!

Heritage Day comes around again this week -- Waitangi Day on Friday 6 February.  We plan to demonstrate warping up the loom at Bobbin Cottage to begin a session on weaving cushions. Joan will work some of her dyeing magic so we have something colourful to entice people to "have a go."

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