Saturday, 24 February 2018

February Meeting 2018 Show and Tell

Rosemary's wall hanging brought a smile to our faces. However, the chocolates were not true to label!

Win's blanket was woven in hand dyed washable merino wool.

This cushion of Win's was on the topic for the day - painted warp.

The back of the cushion is more subtle.

Big and bold in Canterbury colours, this blanket just off Win's loom will be even more scrumptious when it is washed.
Chris employed a couple of techniques to add an extra zing to her blanket. She used a fine red tabby between the twill picks, and she finished the selvedges with a chain loop edge.

Rose wove this fine wool fabric and had it finished before she realised she had an error in the tie-up! It is still useable . . . but what will she make with it?

Perhaps combine it with a commercial fabric for a special garment?

Painted warp photos to come soon.

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