Sunday, 4 March 2018

Warp Painting Demo

Joan is suitably kitted out and has the scene prepared

From her trusty supply of basic dyes, Joan has prepared the colours

Note the "brush". It is made of foam.

Chris is co-opted to paint one of the warps. This one is hand spun.

Win and Nancy look on, checking on the technique

Jan, Noelene, Betsy and Rosemary make up the audience. Rosemary is checking a magazine article on the subject.

Final touches to make sure the gaps are filled.

What would we do without plastic wrap?

Keeping the moisture in and the air out

Two very long "sausage rolls"

One at a time they are folded into a plastic container

. . . and "cooked" in a specially designated microwave oven

Has this had enough heat?

Looking very promising

Unwrapping and rinsing

Two warps = completely different

Joan's apron tells the sad tale of Adeline McGlory who fell into the dyepot. Fortunately no untoward incidents marred this day and all lived to tell the tale. We look forward to seeing these scarf warps when they are woven.

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