Wednesday, 5 September 2012


National Adult Learners' Week was launched in Blenheim on Monday evening. Our very own Jen Smith was presented with an award for "Outstanding Adult Learner," and her tutor June McKenzie was awarded "Exceptional Adult Learning Provider." Congratulations to these two and to all who are prepared to teach or learn new skills.

Thanks to those who made an effort to join with the rest of the Guild to put up an impressive display at the Stadium on Tuesday as part of the Adult Learners' Week. It takes quite an effort, and quite a bit of weaving time, to do these community activities but it is important that we wave our creative flag and make ourselves known.

More Show and Tell

These items made it to the August meeting only as photographs as Rose was away.  The four scarves in the first photo are made from a beautiful fibre blend; 55% silk and 45% cashmere.

This is a very lightweight throw in thick brushed wool and a  very fine synthetic yarn.
Chris has added further colour variations to her collection of blankets.  Some lucky children will receive these and probably keep them as favourites for many years.

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