Monday, 24 September 2012

September Meeting : Colour

 Jan led the September discussion on colour, giving us a different viewpoint from the way we have worked in the past. She has attended various design courses and showed us some of the interesting material she has accumulated. Here she is, flanked by Nancy and Tricia. Note Jan's music embroidery in the background.
 Barbara and June discuss some of the books in our Guild library relating to colour.  Nancy watches and listens.
 Win, Beth and Noelene deep in conversation.
 New member Jen is making good progress and getting to know the rest of the group. Here she is with Betsy.
Tricia, Rose and Chris have a multitude of resources to work with.
Chris's show and tell was a table runner made with the three-shaft petit point technique and this photo shows both sides with the colours reversed on the back. Chris said it was faster to weave than she expected it would be. Well done Chris.

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