Monday, 17 September 2012

Weaving Workshop

"Small Stuff" was the title of a weaving workshop held at Bobbin Cottage on Saturday 15 September.  Seven looms were warped up with narrow sample warps, all with the same yarn and sett. (An eighth loom from a previous project was brought along by Tricia for an optional extra.) With hindsight, it may have been easier weaving and better for the participants done on a larger scale but the lovely wool yarn was donated and it seemed like a great opportunity to challenge people with 20 epi.  The jumping off point was a number of different small drafts used by Rose for a collection of scarves.
Here is Rose, armed and dangerous!
And here are 'the troops' working on a round robin system, trying out the samples.
Betsy gets to grips with mock leno.
June is enjoying a refresher of patterns she knows well.
Tricia (in her lovely hand knitted jersey) is ready for action.
Jen is our newest weaver but she managed to get around all seven looms to weave samples.
Win has completed the seven samples and is now catching up on the three shaft petit point technique we studied while she was away (swanning around in Italy no less.)

Not in the photos but also present were Beth, Barbara, Noelene and Chris.   Thanks to Chris for these photos.

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