Tuesday, 20 October 2009

International Year of Natural Fibre Part 1

The International Year of Natural Fibre was celebrated in Blenheim at an event hosted by the Rural Women's organisation. Our Guild was well represented with weaving, spinning and felting and alpaca products on show; in fact we provided about half the display. Unfortunately the public stayed away in droves, nevertheless we enjoyed a social time of admiring our own work and that of the other stall holders.

Weaving on display included tea towels and place mats from past projects and scarves with amazing textures.

Jan's Inkle Loom attracted some attention and questions.

Chris and Jan watch a demonstration.

Anne demonstrates weaving.

Joan and Katie watch Cherrie and Christine at work

This wine-theme tapestry was woven by Jan, Christine and Sue Broad, (a long time member who now resides in Dunedin). It was intended to be one third of a triptych but looks great on its own.

by Rose Pelvin

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