Tuesday, 6 October 2009

September Meeting Part 1

Our September meeting, on the 21st, focused on cutting and sewing handwoven fabrics. It was quite a hoot - a lot of fun and a few laughs bringing out garments "ancient and modern," though the emphasis was on the ancient, some being between thirty and forty years old. A lot of pieces had stood the test of time and there were a lot of comments such as "timeless," or "you could wear that now." Expert workmanship in the construction was much admired. One happy result was a skirt changing hands and being worn home by its new owner. There was a good discussion about the many rolls of fabric that have been stashed away and not made up. Some people went home with a clearer idea of what to do next.

Beautifully tailored . . Joan's coat and skirt tailored under Birgite's instructions. (It was this skirt that ended up with Jan.)

An early model . . . One of Jenny Murray's first woven garments. She went on to make several fashion parade outfits.

An old curtain . . . Joan's. She gave it a vigorous fulling and the various yarns reacted differently. The colour is original, not overdyed. We all thought she should make a pair of big floor cushions with rich cords and tassels.

As new. . . Jenny Murray. A more recent model in Marnie Kelly's boucle yarn.

English warp... Betsy brought this warp home from England and searched till she found the perendale weft for it.

by Rose Pelvin


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. I do love a good item made with handwoven fabric:) What a talented bunch you are! Just goes to show that some things are indeed timeless treasures♥ A big Western Australian hello to all your members.

Meg in Nelson said...

Well said, Shirley. Love the notion of withstanding time, because fashion, well, that comes back soon enough.