Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Old, by Meg Nakagawa

For someone who gets bored easily and doesn't want to weave the same thing twice, it's a rare thing I've loved my tiny cotton scarves so much I've so far woven three warps of them.

These scarves are woven with 2/20 mercerized cotton at around 36EPI, and I always use the same gold/yellow in the warp. The slight difference in the weft colors, mostly in light blues, greens, aquas and turquoises, make each piece similar but different. As well, I try to recreate a very old feel by making flamboyant, symmetrical drafts. So far these scarves were around 6 inches wide and between 150cm to 170cm long, but I'd like to experiment with a warp with approximately twice the weaving width soon.


Rose said...

Meg, I love that lustrous cotton. And I admire you for experimenting with your drafts and producing work that is unique to you. More please!

Meg in Nelson said...

Thanks, Rose. Yes, I do intend to do more of these, but yesterday I thought I might want to try these drafts in Merino as well, which would make the designs bigger, the cloth softer, and honestly I can't predict how that would look/feel... And with different color schemes.