Saturday, 6 February 2010

2010 Starts - Part 2

It was a glorious day and I think there were 16 people who came for at least part of the time.

Win with Cina, our member who lives between Hawaii and Marlborough Sounds

Jan, Sue (on the floor) and Dawn have a catch up

Joan perches in a space between looms

Joan and June in conversation; Judy, Peg and Jan in the background

Judy and Peg both came in from the Marlborough Sounds for the occasion

Win and Chris inspect Win's latest work in progress

Some of my fabrics from way back. . .

. . . and some from even further back! we had some good discussions about what I could do with them.

Bead leno on the 8 shaft countermarch loom - looks like fun but it was a struggle to find the shed

Crepe samples on the 8 shaft table loom. So many possibilities.

Baby Blankets on the 4 shaft jack loom

Judy had a GORGEOUS double weave wrap.
Anne had a soft colourful throw and Chris had floor rugs made from denim jeans. Sorry I didn't get pics of these.

by Rose Pelvin

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