Monday, 8 February 2010

First Blogiversary!!

The first few posts on this blog were for tutorial for ourselves, but on 8 February 2009 we posted our first group post, about the first meeting of the year 2009. So we look at this day as our Blogiversary/Blog Birthday.

Thank you to all of you, visitors, from all of us, for coming to see our work and activities. And special thanks to visitors leaving comments.

Thank you to all fellow Marlborough Weavers who have contributed, either with your works or with posts. And a very special thanks to Rose Pelvin for tirelessly photographing and recording the activities and members of Marlborough Weavers.

Have a slice (or two) of cake on us, everyone!

Marlborough Weavers

(That's Joan from last year's last Guild AGM. We like the photo so much we were looking for somewhere to post it!)

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