Monday, 8 February 2010

Double Weave Shawl, by Judy Bool

My Shawl is from The Best of Weavers - the Magic of Double-Weave. It is Unconventional Double-Weave, in 3-blocks, on 8 shafts. One layer is red, the other blue. The yarn is my favourite - 2/28 70% Alpaca & 30% Silk. Alpaca/silk has a wonderful lustre and is so easy to weave.

I thoroughly enjoyed weaving this draft and I know it will be the basis for many more.

Red & Blue Wrap

A close-up of the detail

shows layers over-lapping

close-up of sheen

by Judy Bool


Dianne Dudfield said...


Judy said...

Thank you, Dianne.

owais said...

whats the draft for this?

Judy said...

Apologies for my not replying to you 'owais'
The draft is in the XRX book "Best of Weavers - The Magic of Double Weave". Sorry but I don't have a wif file to post.