Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Eyelash Blouse, by Rose Pelvin

I wrote it for my Cross Country (sample exchange) project previously.

At the last Weavers meeting last year, Joan was wearing a lovely white cotton shirt which had blocks of dense weave and blocks of more open weave. It had intrigued me before and we had a discussion about it. She had bought in it Nepal and had actually seen the fabric being woven.

I was keen to work out how it was done and prepared to work out a complicated draft, but Joan explained how it was done, with a whole lot of overshot floats which were trimmed off afterwards - easy peasy! My sample is a lot softer than Joan's crisp shirt fabric but has a nice handle and drape. The first sample (with colours and eyelashes) was beaten quite hard, so the next was was beaten much more lightly. Perhaps something in between would be about right.

I was glad to have something different to send to CCW for my own choice. I've been a member for so long I'm running out of ideas!

Does that clear your confusion, Meg?

by Rose Pelvin


Meg in Nelson said...

I thought one day I'd try eye lashes, too, since Randy showed us one of his in the workshop. But besides the fabric, I love, love, love the second photograph, Rose!

Rose said...

Most eyelash fabrics (I think) are done with warp threads making the fringes (so they hang down). This is a kind of sideways version.