Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Look, A New Loom, by Rose Pelvin

I've talked much about my "new" loom I thought it's time I showed you.

Oh well! Everyone knows I'm a weaver, so what does it matter if my lounge gets turned into a weavery. When I had the opportunity to acquire a beautifully handcrafted totara jack loom, I just had to have it. Not just any old loom; that would have received the response, "sorry I don't have room for it." But this one belonged to a very dear friend (and pupil) Ethne Bloore and was custom built for her, after much contemplation and consultation, by her husband Hugh. Ethne and Hugh have both since died and I have become the custodian of the loom. Hence the shuffling of furniture and the take-over of the living area. I now have fibre from one end of the house to the other - and I love it!

The pictures show the loom and its superbly designed rimu stool, with storage, that fits neatly underneath it, and the finished piece made from the warp that was on the loom. Ethne had woven the piece with the yellow weft and I finished off the warp with a runner in blue/green weft - "An Ethne colour" said Joan when she saw it.

by Rose Pelvin

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Meg in Nelson said...

By now you really must not have space to stand up or lie down in your house? How wonderful that you're totally surrounded by fibre things.