Monday, 22 March 2010

March Meeting

"What inspires you when you weave to create a garment?" was the theme of this month's meeting last Monday. We discussed how we are inspired to weave for a garment.

Some weavers look at the yarns and design fabric. Some of us look at what is in fashion in clothing stores and catalogs and go home and create their own. Others start with colors.

We got to see and feel some garments, as well as samples of garment fabrics.

One of Jenny's lovely coats.

Rose's eye lash sample of Joan's blouse? (I miss out on a lot by not going to every meeting!)

And we also had our usual show and tell.

Judy's merino sample - unwashed

Judy's merino sample - fulled

Betsy's bag with sari yarns - summer side

Betsy's bag - winter side

Betsy's mohair wrap - the middle part of the wrap was brushed, but in the two ends boucle loops were kept.

Anne Udy scarf

Nancy's hat from a kit set (?)

Nancy's hat on Joan

Last but not the least, Nancy's husband Robin Taylor's debut piece; the weft is hand-spun (by Nancy) alpaca, the warp is 80% wool, 20% alpaca.

I'm sorry for the sorry photos and report; I am both thrilled and overwhelmed by the idea of sewing and I was very preoccupied.

by Meg Nakagawa

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