Saturday, 13 March 2010

Fulled Merino Scarves - Part 1, by Judy Bool

from “The Best of Weavers – Fabrics That Go Bump”

I really was not sure which project to tackle first from this lovely book. The pictures inside the back cover took my eye and as I have some very soft 2ply merino. Well, here is the result. (The right hand scarf in pic is from a different draft.)

A lace variation on a very large scale, consisting of ¾” blocks of plain weave alternating with blocks of warp floats and blocks of weft floats. Reference; Sandra Rule.

I decided to wind one warp for the three scarves – do them all at once! In hind sight, this was not good idea. I have an 8 shaft floor loom and as the tie-up changes for each scarf, it was not easy to re-tie the shafts.

As you can see in the photos, the sett was loose at 16 epi&ppi. When I took the scarves off the loom it was like handling a fishing net.

by Judy Bool


Chris said...

These look delicious,Judy. Roll on Part 2. Hope we get to see them in the flesh, so to speak, so we can get a literal handle on the weave.

Meg in Nelson said...

I saw the samples for this project, and the web off the loom is really gauzy. Amazing.