Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Denim Rag Rugs "Jeanetically Modified I, II and III", by Chris Beech

The denim rugs from my last rag rug session are now 20 years old and decidedly shabby, so I recently attacked the most boring part of my stash - a box full of jean legs [mostly the backs of legs as the fronts were full of patches and too tough to cut]. The result is these three rugs, woven without any fuss joining strips, but still very serviceable.

I used 12/6 cotton rug warp at 4 epi for the 2 tabby rugs, and 8 epi for the 4 end block rug, with denim strips cut approximately 2 - 3 cm wide. The cotton warp was OK, but I definitely prefer a seaming twine or linen warp, which have much less give in them, allowing very positive beating. The advantage of the cotton is that it comes ready dyed in a range of colours.

The tabby rugs are about 1.5 x 0.8 m, and used 190 gm of warp[for 2], and about 2.25 kg of rags each.

by Chris Beech

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Rose said...

I love the red in these Chris. I'm trying to visualise you and/or Ross wearing red jeans! But I guess a dip in the dyepot is part of the modification. Whatever -- it works.