Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New Loom, First Project, by Noelene Gratton

In July 2008 I bought an 8 shaft Mecchia Loom, from Invercargill. After getting it home, assembling it and sorting out a few hiccups and many duh!! moments, with the generous help of Margaret (Mecchia, by email), I was ready for action.

I wanted to start by doing something quick to check if everything was working as it should. As I am not a person who samples, a plain weave chunky project was called for. A sleeveless vest, quick and easy. To add interest, three colours were used - green, navy and violet, all very pale, alternating in both the warp and weft so as not to get a striped effect. In the process, I learned a little about batch dying, something I have never done before, preferring a random effect so as to hide any unevenness of colour.

The resulting fabric was pleasing and the loom worked well with no further adjustments necessary.

After almost 2 years the jacket is finally finished. Good timing for the year of the garment.

by Noelene Gratton


Dianne Dudfield said...

Well done, enjoy wearing it.

Rose said...

Good going Noelene. You are first to get a big tick! Now we'd like to see you wearing it.

Judy said...

That's great, Noelene. Love to see a close-up of the weave. I really must get my skates on and start my jacket project.

Chris B said...

How come the world gets to see this before the locals?? Well done Noeline - especially as that sounds like 3 shuttle weaving!