Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Plaid Scarf, by Noelene Gratton

This scarf was made as a sample to check the suitability of the yarn for a larger project. It wove nicely but on washing all the joins shrank back and have had to be darned in with extra yarn. The yarn was chosen as it was the closest match for the correct colours for a tartan rug, and I wanted to avoid the dye pot.

I was a Wilson and the rug is to be a gift for my nephew, my brother's son. Wilsons are from clan Gunn with some being from Innes (I think) .

The following is taken from the web site tartanregister.gov.uk:

"Generally now called simply 'Wilson' by modern weavers. Named after Janet Wilson, wife of the Bannockburn weaver, William Wilson who manufactured tartans from 1765. It is suggested in the extensive archives of the company that the tartan was prepared for the wedding in 1780 between the William Wilson, the son of the founder, and Janet Paterson. The sett was later introduced as the Wilson family tartan. Variations show blue instead of purple in the broad band and blue instead of azure (light blue) in the narrow stripes."

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