Friday, 20 August 2010

August Meeting: Card/Tablet Weaving

Sue Timpany demonstrated card/tablet weaving to an enthusiastic group, and showed how to make your own cards.

There were five lots of cards warped, using a variety of methods for attaching and tensioning the warp: G-clamps to a table, then attached to a waist belt; tied to a door knob or chair, and round the waist; on an inkle loom; on a table loom with the castle removed.

Joan plays her cards, with Jan on the chair as ballast

Tricia, Sue and Joan

Jan, June and Win discuss a tablet weaving pattern draft

A selection of Sue's tablet woven book marks

Thanks Sue, for a very informative night. You gave us a taste of the incredible range of patterns available to the card weaver, and de-mystified this technique to the extent that several who had never tried it before went home with cards! Watch this space.

by Chris Beech

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Rose said...

Hey, that looks like fun! Sorry I missed it.