Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Wrap, by Win Currie

About three years ago I wove a piece of material ....fine 2 ply Merino yarn and a long, long strip of a piece I intended to use as a fancy trim. By the time I had done that something else came along that I felt was much more urgent/ interesting so all that got put in the ‘too hard” Box. Earlier this year the Weavers Group was challenged to make a garment .. with proper seams .. not just a scarf or similar. I wasn’t especially keen on this idea since my sewing ability is limited so in a desperate moment I got out the material and edging , cut the material in half and sewed it into an L shape [one seam]. And put on the edging. I also made a frill to go around the neck edge fixed all that together and here is the result.

by Win Currie

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