Tuesday, 10 August 2010

July Meeting: Part 3: Show and Tell

Rosemary has her first piece since her return to weaving off her loom. This lovely throw has a handspun warp and incorporates some mohair boucle in the weft to give a slight texture and a hint of blue.

Judy is well on with her garment project, having made two coordinating fabrics as part of the plan.

Joan is wondering how Judy got her cashmere/silk yarn from China in four days to make this glorious scarf.

Judy's beautiful shawl with a lovely soft handle.

Chris has a look at Rose's fabric, a backed tabby with a coarse cotton surface reinforced by a fine merino in soft blue.

An old faithful. Rose periodically weaves a few yards of bookmarks with a different warp patter each time, using oddments of yarn and ensuring a supply for small gifts.

by Rose Pelvin

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Judy said...

Gorgeous colour, Rosemary. And you can almost feel the softness!