Tuesday, 3 August 2010

July Meeting: Part 1 - Frames

The email from Group Mum Chris read:
Frames are not just for tapestry weaving.
What about woven frames for loom woven pieces [or even your body] ??
Bring along examples of woven pieces displaying a woven frame, or examples where you feel a frame might have been advantageous - tea towels, table runners, wraps, rugs etc.
Examples of frames that didn't work are as instructive as those that did.
Think outside the square!

June conducted the meeting on the importance of using framing in designing one's work, using previous members brought in.

Clockwise from top left: work by Joan, Chris, Betsy, Rose, Rose, Joan

Center, Dawn's small Pohutukawa tapestry. Clockwise from top, Win, Win, Win, Tapestry Group, and Jan's embroidery.

Win, Betsy and Jan.

Chris and Nancy.

Judy, Win, Betsy and Nancy.

by Rose Pelvin & Chris Beech

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