Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Dusk, by Chris Beech

I love weaving wool/mohair throw rugs, as the possibilities with weave structure and colour are infinite, the product is saleable, and the rug can be as simple or challenging as I choose. This rug, which I titled "Dusk", is the result of finally using a mohair boucle yarn that I bought in a sale in 1983 at theTaranaki Festival!! All the effect is in the colour change weft yarn, though there is a very subtle warp pattern, goose-eye twill.

One evening when I was weaving this rug, there was a glorious Marlborough sunset which reflected the colours of the rug - I endeavored with only moderate success to capture it on film through my weavery window.

This piece was in our recent Funky Fibre exhibition.

by Chris Beech

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Rose said...

Chris, not only is your wonderful weavery a sight for sore eyes but your view is fantastic as well. My view of our sunsets is criss-crossed with wires and power poles so there is no way I can get a decent photo. Oh, and I really liked your "Dusk" - love the colours, even if they are not the ones we have come to expect from you.