Friday, 8 May 2009

Funky Fibre, Part 5

Joan McLauchlan, "After the Storm", handwoven double corduroy floor rug.

Win Currie, Funky Scarf, filled neck decoration, handwoven in silk, alpaca and merino.

Jenny Murray, "Fractured", woven tapestry in wool, silk, and cotton.

Tricia Jane, Scribble knitting scarf.

Meg Nakagawa, "And her Scarf Stopped the Traffic", cotton.

by Rose Pelvin


Meg in Nelson said...

Thank you, Joan, for not hanging it flat against the wall or on a surface. It looks so much better the way you showed it.

Connie Rose said...

Cool exhibit, Meg. Your piece is fabulous, as always!

Meg in Nelson said...

Thank you, Connie. Too bad it's open for only two weekends and the week in between.

Lynne said...

present perfectly!
I always find the hung and folded scarves as 'untouchables' - seriously how often do you see a scarf that way in real life?

congrats on the sale!

Meg in Nelson said...

Yes, particularly when you are as round as I am! I've been more and more mindful of making scarves that look good on the body than on a hanger/wall/dowel, you know... Not as a flat piece of cloth which I used to spend enormous amounts of time planning...