Monday, 4 May 2009

Funky Fibre, Part 1

Marlborough Guild, of which Marlborough Weavers and Tapestry Weavers are sub-groups, opened its 40th Birthday Exhibition, "Funky Fibres", on Friday night at the Marlborough Art Society Gallery, 204 High Street, Blenheim. Our catalog says:

"This exhibition has been staged with the Guild activities of the last forty years in mind, using props and equipment from the improvised to the expertly crafted. (Yes, upside-down table legs have been used more than once for warping pegs!)

"The Guild began in 1969 when the majority of members were spinners and knitters, with a few venturing into weaving.

"Today you will see examples of all these crafts in their traditional form plus many innovative applications of them — and myriad yarns of colour and texture that were not dreamed of forty years ago. Look for tapestry weaving, flax weaving, felting, crochet, braiding — some practical, some decorative, and all made with a passion for fibre."

Here are some snapshots from the opening night. The exhibition is open until Sunday 10 May.

Dawn Hansford spins at the entrance.

Do you get the mood of the exhibition? Centre front is Rose Pelvin's "Oh My Stars!" table setting.

Scarves were displayed on a warping board.

This is the red section, including Christine Mark's "White Vase", felt vessel, and Win Currie's "Go the Crusaders" rug in mohair and wool. The Crusaders is a Christchurch-based rugby union team, red and black used in her piece are their team colours.

Among other works, you see Cherrie Mitchell's "Flower Power" place mats and Rose Pelvin's "Bubbles" blanket, and cotton tea towels in pairs.

by Rose Pelvin


Rose said...

Didn't we do well! 118 items from 32 people. Congratulations everyone.

Meg in Nelson said...

That bottom scarf on the red-scarves-on-warping-board pic: yum yum yum!!!

Rose said...

Of course you would like that one Meg. It's Judy Bool's and it's pure silk. Beautifully woven and the colour is gorgeous.