Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Funky Fibre, Part 3

Peg Moorhouse, "Silver Lining", Linen damask hanging with metallic yarn and Christine Marks, doll, calico body, painted, clothes made of felt.

Cherrie Mitchell, "Arctic Spring Flowers".

Katie McDonald, striped felt slippers.

Felting Group, "The Street Where We Live".

by Rose Pelvin


Chris Beech said...

Well done Rose, (a)for taking all these pic.s and (b) for actually sending them, rather than simply having great intentions but not delivering [like most of the rest of us].
Funky Fibres portrays so well what creative fibre is all about, and is an extremely appropriate celebration of the Marlb. Guild's 40th birthday.

Meg in Nelson said...

I second that. Thanks so much, Rose, 40 photos for the 40th birthday!!!

Judy said...

A big thank you from me also, Rose.
The photos are excellent. Just great for those who are unable to go and see the live Funky Fibre Exhibition.

cagrowngirl said...

Love the flowers!!! Beautiful....

Meg in Nelson said...

Thank you, California-Grown-Girl. I love the tunes on your blog!