Sunday, 10 May 2009

Funky Fibre, Part 7

Chris Beech, "Southern Comfort - Two for the Cavalcade), handwoven saddle blankets in wool.

"Recycling at its best. In the early days of the Guild, members spun and dyed wool and wove into fabric to make curtains for Bobbin Cottage, (our regular meeting venue.) After many years of service the curtains were replaced and the originals cut into strips which were then woven into this colorful and attractive floor rug. "


And Cherie Maffey played harp at lunch time during the opening weekend. Her scarf is made from home grown kid mohair.

Funky Fibre exhibition closes today. Thank you very much to everyone who visited, in life or virtually.

by Rose Pelvin


DD said...

What a wonderful exhibition, wish I could have been there :) Really great to see so much weaving. Thanks for sharing it.

Meg in Nelson said...

Thanks for visiting us virtually, DD. I must admit, not many fibre exhibitions with live harp playing, though I've not had the pleasure of listening to it myself, yet.