Sunday, 4 September 2011

November 2010 Meeting - Part 2: Year of the Garment

This is the second of six posts from the November 2010 Meeting.  2010's goal was for everybody to create a garment out of our own handwoven cloth.
 Joan tries on Judy’s top (part 1 of a 2-part outfit) woven in two fancy twills.
Tricia’s jacket with lots of colours on white is a work in progress. Joan tells her how long to make it. Buttons of various colours will complete the look.
Win’s black wrap has an edging of her signature frills around it.
Joan wove a 4 shaft crepe fabric after our workshop. Her generous wrap has inset sleeves and a multi-coloured crochet edge.
Rose wore her 8 panel skirt but forgot to ask someone to take her photo. Taking one in the mirror without using a flash shows an unsteady hand! Fine rayon threads incorporated in the warp give a sheen. Linen in the weft ensures that it creases!

by Rose Pelvin

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