Saturday, 10 September 2011

November 2010 Meeting - Part 4: Ikat Examples

This is the fourth of six posts from the November 2010 meeting. These four posts show scenes from Ikat Workshop by Julia Murbach of Richmond Weavers.

Julia explained how mirror image ikats like this can be prepared double and then opened out. This one is in a fairly coarse cotton but has a fine cotton band at each end.
A large bedspread woven by Julia, with ikat panels and stripes
A selection of Julia’s ikat weavings
Silk ikat in a satin weave, brought back from China by Joan. Note the difference in the two sides.
A commercially woven fabric. Note the unravelled thread showing the spacing of the dyed sections.
More views of Julia’s work
A teatowel made by Julia during a course where she says “too many cooks” can cause chaos. It looks fine to me!

by Rose Pelvin

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