Wednesday, 7 September 2011

November 2010 Meeting - Part 3: Ikat Demonstration by Julia Murbach

This is the third of six posts from the November 2010 meeting. The next four posts show scenes from Ikat Workshop by Julia Murbach of Richmond Weavers.
Julia demonstrates how to make the ties.
The raddle is attached to the FRONT of the loom and the warp temporarily wound on to the front beam.
With the warp firmly attached at the front, the various sections are manipulated through the shifting box according to the pre-determined pattern.
The warp is tied on to the back stick (uneven lengths because of the shifting of some sections) and beamed on to the back roller.
And yes, the pattern is intact.
And after being wound on the back beam, the warp is ready to thread

by Rose Pelvin

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