Friday, 30 September 2011

September Meeting: Show and Tell

Show and tell has been a bit sparse lately. Could it be that everyone is busy working for the Festival?
Rose's Perendale, merino and mohair throw rug which should be in the Area Exhibition but she didn't look at the calendar soon enough!
This fabric is a fine boucle weft on an 8 shaft combination twill merino warp in two shades of green. If all goes well you will see Rose walking around at Festival wearing it. (What are YOU going to wear?)
Anne's gorgeous textured scarf from last month, now finished and looking great. Amazing what you can do with cocolastic.
This is what we call the 'weaver's handshake.' We think there will be a lot of it going on at Festival, and not just for weaving but knitting, felting, crochet and who knows what other techniques.

Get busy, everybody.


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