Wednesday, 28 September 2011

September Meeting: Rag Weaving, Part 1

Here are some photos from the September Weavers' meeting.

The topic was rag weaving and it was amazing what appeared and how long some of it has been in fairly constant use. Most of these items were woven about 20 years ago.
Betsy's charming bath mat, woven on a point twill threading with a weft of soft fabric offcut strips sold in garden shops for tying plants.
Chris's brilliant (in all senses of the word) picnic rug, woven double width from re-purposed curtains.
The rest, to the best of my knowledge, are Sue's. They have had constant use and constant washing and are probably in better condition than the washing machine Sue used to stuff them into - some of them are quite large!

More to come.

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